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Power up your core businesses with maximum process digitization. Our methodologies will help business data flow seamlessly across various business process and systems within your organization and across your customers and business partners.


Get the most out of your business data with powerful insights and analytics. Get a jump start using our pre built analytics and dashboards. Collate and analyze information across multiple data streams. Formulate tactical and strategic insights to digitally transform.


Re-invent your business digitally. Transform your business processes and operations effortlessly by adopting some of our digital transformational technologies. Implement the tactical and strategic inisights seamlessly suing sounds governance processes.

Featured Solution: Peppol E-Invoicing

Get started with E-Invoicing and get a feel of how B2B automation can unlock hidden potential and new efficiencies within your organisation. With Peppol E-Invoicing, we have just made it a whole lot simpler for you to get started. Our array of Peppol solutions and services mean that you can start seeing immediate results even as you start implementing.

"I get paid faster because my invoices are delivered directly into my accounting system."
"I no longer need to key in my supplier bills manually and focus on more important things."

Transact with businesses globally on the Peppol network

Effortlessly transmit business documents with your trading partners, from one system to another across the peppol network. See immediate process efficiencies around reduce data entry and improved accuracy. Get connected to the Peppol network and transmit these peppol documents & more.


Invoice Response


Order Response

Curated Solutions for Small Businesses

Build a core foundation of right solutions to drive digital adoption incrementally

ERP Suite (Peppol-Ready)
ERP Suite (Peppol-Ready)
Billbay digi-business suite is an open-sourced ERP & CRM solution that is ideal for Small & Medium Businesses. Bundled with a Peppol-Ready Accounting Module that is fully integrated with Inventory, Sales, Purchase, CRM, eCommerce and many others. Solution is readily deployable with fast customisation options. Ideal for small to medium and even larger enterprises who want to buck the norm and set forward-looking trends.
BI & Data Analytics
Get immediate insights into how your business processes are running. Say goodbye to complex implementations. Works out of the box with our digi Business-Suite and seamlessly connects to practically any application or data source. Pre-built reports and insights take away the need for complex implementations and gets you up and running and staying on top of your data and business process. Comes with a pre-built alert manager capable of detecting process deviations and alerting key personnel for corrective actions.
AR & Billing Automation
If you are looking boost your AR collection cycles, look no further. This is a layer solution is fully integrate with any ERP and hyper charges all your AR processes. Comes with a whole host of power packed features from being able to send 100% e-Invoices in practically no time to niche features such as batch billing and charging for subscription businesses. You chose what you want and simply watch your working capital and cashflows improve as you AR KPIs soar.

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