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Access Point
Our cloud access point service is the gateway you need to the Peppol Network. Get immediate connectivity to our Peppol Access Point provisioned as a Secure FTP server. Start exchanging Peppol documents with your business partners as simply as uploading and downloading files to and from a secure site. You can chose between a Classic, Advanced and Premium optioms to best suit your needs.
Our Peppol Transaction Monitor is a full-fledged reporting and analytics platform that reports and analyses data that you exchanged over the Peppol Network via our Access Point. Get a complete overview of your transactions and report additional dashboards on key metrics or additional business validations that you have implemented..
Format Conversions
Dont want to follow and keep in sync with all the various Peppol document formats? Our Peppol adaptor service will transform your native ERP generated data & documents into a Peppol format. We working a multitude of native formats and can get connect major ERP systems like Oracle & SAP to custom homegrown solutions that have been designed and develop in-house
Business Validations
If you want to take your business control and processes to the next level, we can easily configure business rules on top of the foundation data maps to drive to additional process enhancements. Do process checks such as 2-way or 3-way match, Invoice and Order threshold checks or solution any business rule that is key to your business.

Leverage some of the solutions that we offer Small Businesses to drive your Peppol Implementaton Faster.

Peppol-Ready ERP (Accounting)

Billbay digi-business suite is an open-sourced ERP & CRM solution that is ideal for Small & Medium Businesses. The Accounting module in this solution stack are Peppol-Ready out of the box and businesses can essentially make use of this plug and play solution to transact on Peppol. The Peppol resolution supports Peppol Invoices & Peppol Orders.

Peppol InBox

If your business is only interested in receiving Peppol documents, our Peppol Inbox is an ideal solution for you. With a click on a button, have a complete overview of all the Peppol documents you have received. You can optionally select to mark the status of these peppol documents and categorise to serve your needs better. A dropbox functionality will also allow you to send Peppol documents with an associated cloud access point

Cloud Access Point

Start exchanging any Peppol document that you want using our Cloud Access Point. Get a Peppol Access Point connection now.