Reduced data entry for AP, Faster payment cycles for AR

What is InvoiceNow?

InvoiceNow is e-Invoicing using the Peppol Network. InvoiceNow enables the sending and receiving of e-Invoices between business systems across the Peppol network. e-Invoices are formatted according to Peppol specifications and are seamlessly exchanged between business systems.

Billbay offers both a Peppol Access Point Service as well as a scalable Peppol-Ready business system (ERP/Accounting solution) that can send and receive Peppol e-Invoices. Alternativey, If you wish to keep your current accounting solution, Billbay also has a Peppol Adaptor service that will let you get started with InvoiceNow with minimal changes to your systems.

Benefits of InvoiceNow

Faster payment process
Invoices can be sent, captured and processed faster, in turn allowing payments to be made faster compared to manual invoicing
Increase efficiency
Avoid errors and rectifications required due of manual entry of data. Eliminate manual verification of data.
Reduce costs
Save costs of producing, sending, storing and retrieving paper invoices. Track expenditure and gather insights

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InvoiceNow is the nation-wide network introduced by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in 2019 to help businesses go digital and improve business efficiency, lower business costs, receive faster payments, and to go paperless.

InvoiceNow uses the Peppol network which is used in many countries to support the exchange of business documents. It provides a standardized format that allows exchange of data across different systems.

No, you do not need to replace your existing system. With our Peppol Adaptor service you can readily translate your invoices to Peppol e-Invoices and transmit them across the Peppol Network using our Access Point.

PDF invoices still require manual entry of data into your accounting system. Upon receiving your invoice your recipient will have to key in the relevant data into their respecting accounting system. These can cause delays in payments and give room for human errors. By e-Invoicing you can automate and speed-up the entire process.

You can search for you recipient’s business name in the peppol network’s directory to confirm that they are part of the peppol network.